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Cuba Yacht Arrangements in Havana

     Port of Havana is 'off-limit' to yachts, except by special permission from the Government. It is illegal to take a tender to a beach. Marina Hemingway should not be entered when seas are over 5-feet. Certain shows and restaurants cannot be booked without 'pull'...

     Cuba is a magical destination - not just Havana,  but the 3,000 miles of coastline with over 4,000 islands and cays. We are most excited about bringing yachts to the undiscovered Cuba, after we treat you to a taste of Havana. Our clients choose to go by yacht because the vessel, the crew, and our shore-side support teams assure that our guests will have an extraordinary experience.  

     Experienced yachtsman agree, Cuba is not a place where you want to "wing it". We are the acknowledged Cuba yachting experts. Paul Madden first navigated to Cuba 25 years ago. Many trips later, he now leads a team that delivers the best of Cuban cruising, combined with superb land-side experiences. In recent years, we have overseen arrangements for some of the world's most respected yachtsmen, and guests on legendary yachts from both Europe and the U.S.                                                                  


  • Bespoke Shoreside Adventures
  • Privileged access to events and venues
  • Private aircraft arrangements                    
  • Cuban Divemasters and Angler-guides
  • Insider knowledge of special events
    ​and happenings.


Member of the  Club Nautico

Internacional Hemingway

de Cuba

Havana Weather

Crewed yacht and ship charter for 6 to 60 guests over a weekend, or spanning months. Vessels are first-class yachts and ships which we operate with licensed crews to the highest international standards. Crew are specially trained, licensed and insured. Shoreside transportation, guided excursions and security arrangements can also be arranged in conformance with U. S. Visa Rules & Regulations.

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