Ann is a well-recognized yachting executive who is based in Newport, R.I. where she has been involved with both the Newport Bucket and the Newport Shipyard. Yacht owners, captains and crews who have been involved in trans-Atlantic transport will know, and respect Ann's logistical skills in arranging passage on Dockwise Yacht Transport.

Ann is quickly becoming an expert in Cuba yacht charter and also arranging for private yacht visits to, and within Cuba. 

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Paul Madden Associates, LLC is a licensed Travel Agency of Havanatur (Ministry of Tourism). This relationship allows PMA to book all travel services within Cuba directly, with no third-party brokers or agents.

Havanatur is one of the world’s leading experts on travel to Cuba with offices throughout the world.  Their head office is situated in Havana and they have over 700 travel specialists working in their network of offices throughout the island.  Their team has unrivaled knowledge of Cuba and keeps ahead of developments in this fascinating destination.

Cuba has something for everyone, from its stunning colonial architecture, UNESCO preserved habitats, breathtaking scenery and a wealth of unspoilt tropical beaches.  Havanatur’s expert first-hand knowledge and experience will ensure you receive the very best advice in making the most of this unique country. Whatever your requirements, Havanatur’s specialist team of consultants have the expertise to design an itinerary to suit your needs.

A New Zealander with a 3000-Ton MCA Master's License, Scotty Miller has significant large yacht cruising experience in Cuba. In addition, he is married to a Cuban and also holds a Cuban passport, which has given him experience and insights that he is able to share with clients of PMA who require bespoke cruising itineraries and unique shoreside experiences in all parts of Cuba. His in-depth knowledge of Cuba's pristine South Coast with its hundreds of remote cays and unspoiled reefs make him a valuable resource for our clients.

Cuba Yacht Arrangements in Havana

Paul Madden addresses over 500 international maritime attorneys and insurance executives at the MARINER’s CLUB MARINE INSURANCE SEMINAR in regard to Cuba yachting


Rice University, Houston

Seminar on:




• Felix Chevalier, Partner, Chevalier Law 

• Alina Domínguez, Professor of Industrial Property Law, University of Havana Law School, Cuba 

• Paul Madden, Managing Partner, Paul Madden Associates LLC

Captain Scotty Miller, Cuba Specialist

Paul Madden Associates LLC arranges charters and customized yacht owner cruises to Cuba. Paul Madden made his first passage to Cuba by yacht 28 years ago, as part of a humanitarian flotilla.

His yacht industry experience includes being contracted to represent Blohm & Voss in the Americas, and managing Camper & Nicholsons in Mexico. He is a managing partner of Port Caribe Shipyard & Marina in San Juan, Puerto Rico. 

In August 2015, he conducted the first private U.S. yacht charter to Cuba, as noted in The Wall Street Journal. His company has a contract with the Cuban Ministry of Tourism (Havanatur) and is their designated booking agency for all Cuban marinas. 

Some of the yachts we have assisted:

  • Venus
  • BG
  • ​Highlander
  • Big Eagle
  • Enticer
  • Cedar Island
  • Julia Dorothy
  • Marcato
  • Wendy
  • ​Adele
  • Adix
  • Athena
  • Aquavita
  • ​Bravado
  • ​Breakaway
  • Samadhi
  • ​Elixir
  • ​Whitehawk
  • ​Top Five
  • ​Silver Shallis
  • ​Saphaedra
  • Lady Victoria
  • ​Perseverance 2
  • ​Lady Joy
  • The Big Snooze
  • ​Siren
  • Stella Bianco
  • ​Down Time
  • Capricorn
  • ​5 J's

Ann Souder, Cuba Yachting Specialist

​                      Newport, R.I.