Vessel Charter Solutions

A vessel charter can be the optimum platform for a corporate or economic development mission to Cuba.

We can accommodate groups from 8 persons to over 300. We can also accommodate product demo units, including heavy equipment, containers, or an entire Trade Show.

A charter vessel checks off these boxes:

    x Lodging and Meals (all 5-Star)

    x Communications (secure phone and internet)

    x Hospitality - entertain business prospects and key contacts

    x Presentations - from relaxed to formal, with all the

                  projectors and screens needed.

    x Product demo and display - we have vessels capable of 

                  handling heavy equipment such as industrial generators, 

                  automobiles, agricultural machinery, helicopters.

    x Security - vessels are stationed in secure ports and crew 

                  maintain 'watches' 24-hours a day.

    x Staff - extra cabins can be made available for PA's security

                  and support staff, in addition to capable ship's crew.

If your company needs to set up a presence in Cuba now, consider a long terms vessel lease, which gives you both accommodations and office/meeting space, plus the ability to locate in various ports around Cuba. We can find you the right vessel, handle all the vessel and crew management, plus handle the permits and logistics.

Economic Development & New Market Opportunities

While U.S. regulations allow U.S. businesses to explore business opportunities, joint-ventures, sourcing and exporting products to, and from Cuba; the path forward is not always clear. Like any emerging market, entry can be challenging. And in Cuba, there are other countries who have already established businesses there and you are likely to be in a 'late-entry' position. We can help you get in the door, make the right impression, and perhaps jump to the front of the line...

Cuba Challenges

If you have been to Havana, then you know the challenges. There are very few busines-class hotel rooms. These are booked a year in advance. Your cell phone may not work in Cuba. Internet coverage is spotty and unreliable. Around town you will have to pay for wi-fi by the hour using prepaid cards. Restaurant reservations, reliable cars with professional drivers are among the many challenges. On top of this, finding a venue to make a professional presentation is difficult. Hosting entertainment for clients is difficult.       

   We can offer you solutions to these challenges and help you achieve success.