• ​art and design (meet the artists)
  • Cuban and Spanish Colonial architecture & history 
    • (walking and driving tours with historians and experts)
  • music 
    • (visit jazz clubs, recording studios and meet musicians)
  • dance 
    • (salsa, rhumba, and classical ballet)
  • agriculture and tobacco 
    • (visit a cigar factory and tobacco farms)
  • oceanography and eco-systems 
    • (meet scientists and dive pristine reefs as part of an academic or research project)
  • medicine 
    • (visit hospitals and explore Cuba's world-famous doctors)
  • ​education 
    • (see how this education system runs and talk to students at the Universities)
  • history, politics and the legal system 
    • (attend a lecture from a 'Party' member, and ask any questions you like)
  • contemporary visual arts and sculpture 
    • (visit the artists' studios and meet the artists, and buy Cuban art)
  • business and emerging entrepreneurs 
    • (explore the new class of entrepreneurs and new growth areas)

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Cuba Yacht Arrangements Cuba Travel

Be ready to explore the rich Cuban Culture and meet lots of Cubans!

For Americans and U.S. Residents that charter a yacht to Cuba with Paul Madden Associates,

you get the best of both worlds - we will arrange for you to be engaged in a program of

stimulating Cuban excursions that conform with your U.S. Visa requirements AND you get

the pleasure of cruising in a luxury yacht. Your custom itinerary will include

 'people-to-people' encounters in the following areas: