Dockage available in Port of Havana for yachts over 55-meters (180') 

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Here is current language from the USCG website (

There are strict regulations, and serious fines and penalties that are still in force in regard to trading with Cuba. The charter broker is not signing the charter contract - it is the "Owner" who is entering into trade with Cuba.  As such, it is the owner's responsibility to verify that all persons (crew and guests) are qualified to visit Cuba under the U.S. Visa requirements, and it is the owner's responsibility to see that the charterers adhere to the U.S. visa requirements in Cuba. And it is the Owner's responsibility to retain records in case of a Treasury audit for 5-years after the charter. There are also regulations in Cuba that must be adhered to, and many of these are not "published". However, when you break these rules, you will learn about them, and the consequences. And if a charter is deemed to be 'operating illegally, under either U.S. Laws, or Cuban Laws, the vessel's insurance may not be valid, in event of a claim.

We recommend that owners,

and their counsel, peruse

Treasury OFAC FAQ's here.

US Treasury FAQ's  

 Yacht Owners, and their Captains, come to us to make all their arrangements in Cuba. Bottom line - we take care of all the details, to make your trip safe, legal and fun!

Our team works directly with our partners on the ground in Cuba - from Havana to Trinidad to Santiago de Cuba to the Isle of Youth, we cover it all. Our Cuban partner, HAVANATUR, has over 700 employees with offices throughout Cuba, including maritime specialists who are ex-Cuban Navy and Merchant Marine officers. These are Cubans who also have experience in dealing with mega-yachts.

​Items to be addressed on the U.S. side, for U.S.-owned vessels and/or yachts carrying US Citizens or Permanent Residents:

  • U.S. Treasury OFAC License, specific to yacht operation to, and within Cuba.
  • U.S. Department of Commerce Temporary Export License
  • U.S. Coast Guard and Homeland Security Permit to enter Cuban Waters from U.S.
    • USCG Notices for departure and for return to a US Port
  • Assist with vessel insurance (or trip binder) that covers Cuba navigation (and charter)
  • Shoreside excursions certified by US-Licensed tour provider (required)
  • U.S. Visa affidavits for guests and crew.
  • Travel health insurance for guests and crew. (Medevac option)

Items to be addressed on the Cuban side for ALL foreign pleasure vessels visiting Cuba:

  • Cuban Visas
  • Mandatory Cuban health insurance
  • Declarations to Cuban Customs & Immigration
  • Cuban cruising permits (required for any cruising within Cuba)
  • Permissions to enter Marine Sanctuaries
  • Cuban divemasters and fishing guides (required by Cuba)
  • Marina reservations
  • Car and hotel reservations
  • Excursion guides and custom itinerary (that meet US Visa requirements)
  • Concierge services in Cuba
  • Pre-payments and Money Exchange

We are the only international yacht company that has a contract with the Cuban Government to provide services within Cuba.  We were issued the only specific U.S. Treasury OFAC license to operate yachts within Cuban territorial waters, plus we hold a U.S. Commerce Department License that does not have a 14-day limit.  

There are two ways to approach your trip:

1.) Use our VIP Concierge Service, and we will fill out your permit forms, make all your reservations, line up your guides, etc. 

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